Max Hoops

2023 Winter MS Showcase


Welcome to the 2023 Winter Middle School Showcase with Max Hoops!

Please review the registration pages carefully!


2023 will be the first year of the Max Hoops Middle School Showcase! This event features hands on instruction and coaching from current high school and college coaches. Players will be lead through  skill workouts designed for player development, dynamic motivational speakers and participate in games. Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm! Following the Showcase, you will be tuned up and ready for a great winter hoops season! 

Location : Sanders Courts, Sherwood, OR (20 mi from Portland)

Friday, December 29th ~ 9-4 PM

Saturday, December 30th ~ 9-4 PM

Attendees: Boys in graduating classes of 2028 - 2030 

Price : $250 until December 25th, then $300 if space available 


Brant Minor

2022 Elite Basketball School


Please direct questions to:

Brant Minor


Phone: (503) 708-4871